Marketing, eCommerce, Creative Direction

Elizabeth Hammond, now Senior Digital Designer, Red Hat

"John is a natural leader. He has vision, he's an excellent motivator, he provides his team with the tools and environment in which they can do their best, and then he shares the credit with them when the job is complete. I can't imagine a person more suited to lead a team than John Crabill, who manages massive projects and the stresses that can accompany them with humor, grace, and humility. I would recommend him without hesitation."


I am a resourceful, creative professional with a passion for facing challenges. Regarded as a trusted and credible leader, I am focused on exceeding business goals by delivering world-class marketing solutions.


  • Creative Direction
  • Web Design
  • Team Development
  • Content Management
  • Copywriting
  • User Interface/Usability
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Adobe Creative Suite


  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate Networking
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Web Development
  • IBM Websphere Commerce, Magento


  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Event Marketing
  • PR and Social Media
  • Database Marketing
  • Project Management and Budgeting
  • Strategic/Tactical Planning

Brent Foosness, now Sr. Software Architect at American Journal Experts

"I think John's work ethic, passion for what he does, pride in his work, and desire for nothing less than perfection from himself and his group is something that everyone here admires. John is willing to put in hard work and long hours to get work done and honor his commitments. John leads by example."


I have over 20 years of marketing, e-commerce and creative experience. My career has been characterized by a willingness to continually learn, to always work hard and to show respect, courtesy and good humor towards my teammates. I have a 2.47% Lifetime Conversion rate, and have facilitated over six million unique purchases resulting in over a billion dollars in revenue. I am still learning every day.

Online Creative Director

I was responsible for all facets of a $100M+ e-commerce channel, including management of designers and developers. I provided creative and technical direction for SOCCER.COM and LACROSSE.COM, including web site and user interface design, marketing communications, development, project management and strategic/tactical planning. I played the primary role of Internet and e-commerce advocate, opening new channels of growth that accounted for 85% of all orders and 90% of new customers.


  • Directed creative campaigns and initiatives for major sporting goods companies like Nike, adidas, Puma, and Under Armour.
  • Led major e-commerce software implementation project leading to 300% increase in sales.
  • Directed customer focused site design and technical overhaul and delivered it on time. The result was over a 100% increase in sales and conversion rate increases of 15%.
  • Led mobile commerce project and launched flexible, easily maintained site in just over three weeks.
  • Created HERosport brand identity, including logo, style guide and social media, resulting in 45% increase in female sales in first quarter of launch.
  • Completed RFP project to replace company's ERP and web site systems. The comprehensive requirements document was issued to 9 enterprise class software vendors and resulted in new system purchase.
  • Conceived and managed development of promotions and incentives software by collaborating with marketers and purchasers. The program was delivered ahead of schedule and is credited with 15% average order size increase and 35% conversion rate increase.

Creative Director

Tarmac Design focuses on assisting businesses in realizing the promise of e-commerce and web technology. Our agency emphasizes respect for existing people and processes while helping to introduce positive change and empowerment. Currently developing a disruptive, next generation mobile commerce application.


  • Developed and launched new portfolio site and content management system for Tonic Design and Construction, an award-winning architecture firm. The site has vastly improved search engine results while still reflecting the firm's modernist, clean branding.
  • Led team to produce a customization site for Fleming Clothing's on-demand children's apparel business. Consulted on creative, branding, photography and merchandising issues.
  • Provided creative direction for a re-branding at Team Connection, an on-line sports equipment company. Consulted on merchandising and marketing planning, new search design, and a vastly improved customer registration system.

Creative Director

I founded this web design business in 1996 and focused on corporate web presence and early e-commerce. I was responsible for creative direction, graphic and web design, and business development.


  • I assembled and managed a team of freelance developers and copywriters and outsourced assignments to them.
  • I built over 60 commercial web sites for diverse clients like Herman Miller Workplace Resources, Coffeeworks, Simmons Bedding, and Eurosport.
  • I was offered permanent positions by over half of my clients.

Chief Marketing Officer

I'm the Master of Mohuliganism, responsible for positioning Mohu at the center of the cord-cutter's universe. Through a balance of edgy content and data-driven targeting, we are growing a terrific start-up into a major force in American television delivery.


  • Helps Mohu grow to #7 on the Triangle Business Journal FAST 50 list.
  • Drives brand and product awareness across retail, web and all customer touch-points.
  • Develops modern e-commerce and content web sites accounting for significant revenue and presence.
  • Achieves an average of 75% Share-of-Voice in PR measured against major competitors.
  • Spear-heads database marketing project to identify target customers and produce actionable personas.
  • Creates the Mohu Brand Ambassador Program to communicate cord-cutting information to different demographics.
  • Leads new product launch at CES 2017 with 15 Best of awards and 115 pieces of press.
  • Helps to lead enterprise effort to improve culture and foster entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Builds industry’s first cord cutting app: Untangle.TV.

Todd Robert, now Creative Director at Coalmarch Productions

"First and foremost John is one of the reasons I have wanted to come to work in the mornings. I love the sport of soccer and I have always wanted SOCCER.COM to be successful, but I looked forward to working with him and the team he has assembled. He is a selfless and talented individual who tries to do what is right no matter the consequences, and with the best interests of his team in mind."


Project 13
The Cord Cutting Company

When you're competing against an industry like cable TV that's routinely named the nation's worst, is my job really that hard? Not when you are graced with an amazing team like Mohu. Dominant share-of-voice, authentic branding and flawless execution make us THE Cord Cutting Company.

Project 14
What Happens in Vegas

CES is the most influential tradeshow in the world. With barely any budget but tons of hard work, we scratched and clawed our way to 15 Best of lists, 115 pieces of press, and coverage in Time, CNET and Wired. We hit the CES jackpot, and captured the attention of the consumer electronics world.

Project 15
No One Likes Cable

We've convinced people to drop pay TV, but the next question is: how? We've answered with Untangle.TV, a cord-cutting app that creates a customized recommendation on everything you need. Called "revolutionary" and "amazing" by industry experts, we did it in eight weeks.

Project 02
ReLeaf from Cable TV

Research revealed an interesting link between diverse customer segments: they cared about the environment. Thus, ReLeaf was born, the world's first recycled antenna. Our team conceived, managed and marketed this award-winning product. The big brand twist? It's made of crushed cable TV boxes. Boom.

Project 01
Ole! Ole! Ole!

I had the pleasure of working with the world's premier sporting goods companies for over 14 years. Sometimes as an extension of their own campaigns, and sometimes acting as an agency for them, I always relished the challenge to design and create impactful work for these folks.

Project 03
On Site with an Architect

The brilliant architects at Tonic Design create sensitive modern design solutions that make a difference in their client's lives. We made a small difference in their lives by building a site that showcases their work while facilitating a design conversation with their clients. And yes, that's our house.

Project 02
User-Generated Brand

Focus groups said Eurosport was a "boy's site", so I was asked to lead a female soccer creative initiative that would reflect empowerment and authenticity. I felt the girls couldn't be given a brand, they had to grab it for themselves. So, with a little tape and a marker we showed respect for these passionate, skillful athletes.

Project 02
Buttons and Bows

I wear a lot of hats, but I wish I could wear a customized hat from Fleming Clothing. But, alas, they don't make my size. They do make amazing children's clothes offered on an amazing site that I helped out on, and we even built an online customization engine from scratch. I'm honored they call me their consigliere.

Project 03
Kick Serve

Team Connection has become one of the largest sports apparel suppliers to teams nationwide because of their passion for servicing customers. We worked with these good folks on creative direction, merchandising planning, and technical improvements for their tennis and volleyball equipment sites.

Project 01

I dreamt up microsites for World Cups: in 2002, it was a fresh sushi (fresh news) and Korean barbeque (hot products). I was in charge of the 2003 Official Online Store and worked with Yahoo! and FIFA. I led the 2010 creative direction for the company, and presented the Perfect 10 campaign.

Project 03
A Rematch is Needed

I directed an American version of the Nike "Scorpion" campaign using mysterious countdown clocks, weekly email blasts, and a micro-site that updated kids on the tournament. I even added a surprise when I created a "confidential" internal memo that was "leaked" to half a million people.

Project 03
Unite the Clans

Designers who help develop algorithms? DBAs who care about usability? Cats and dogs lying together in the street? I've repeatedly brought designers, developers and business users together to foster the mutual respect and trust that results in successful projects and successful relationships.

Ajay Guru, now Vice President of Merchant Fraud Solutions at First Data

"John is always focused and he strives to make sure that the team stays focused as well. He always has so much energy and determination when working on a major project. He communicates well with everyone and this is also a key factor in his great leadership style. Because of his effective work habits, he instills great work habits in everyone as well."


Tarmac Design is an agency I co-founded to assist people and businesses in realizing the promise of e-commerce, digital marketing, and branding. My first project was our corporate identity. We narrowed down our brief to just three words: "Clean and Clever". Can you see the paper airplanes that make up the runway?

Project 01

Kirk Samuels, now Executive Director, Cybersecurity at Agio

"Few people understand the complexities and subtleties of e-commerce better than John Crabill. He is a dynamic and inspiring leader, always bringing fresh thoughts, designs and possibilities to each new project. But ideas are of little value without realization and John knows how to turn great ideas into completed projects. He just commits to making great things happen, on time and on budget. He performs his job with passion, thoughtfulness, tenacity, good humor, respect and decency."


I am a resourceful, creative professional with a passion for facing challenges. Regarded as a trusted and credible leader, I am focused on exceeding business goals by delivering world-class solutions.


  • East Carolina University Greenville, NC
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition 1989
  • magna cum laude


  • Creative Director
  • Strategic/Tactical Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Networking
  • NC Modernists Mod Squad
  • NC Museum of Art


  • Web Development
  • User Interface/Usability
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Software Development
  • PHP
  • LAMP
  • Wordpress, Drupal, Concrete 5
  • GIT/Subversion/CVS


John Crabill

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